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When it comes to outfits for babies, comfort is key. Babies have a very sensitive skin so baby clothes should be soft and stretchy. An adorable baby tracksuit featuring a soft colour palette or eye-catching colour blocking allows full range of motion while being comfortable to wear. For extra comfort, pick joggers with an ultra plush all-over fabrication. Zippers make it easy to put the jogger sets on and off. For trips outside of the house, keep your baby warm with a water repellent puffer jacket with cosy interior fleece lining. Find the perfect outfit for your little one now below.
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Minicats Padded Babies' Jacket 4062453350824

Minicats Babies' Set 4063697350786

Minicats Babies' Set 4063697343368

BMW M Motorsport Babies' Set 4063697188136

BMW M Motorsport Babies' Set 4063697190047

Minicats Classics Babies' Set 4063697347489
170,00 kr
250,00 kr

Minicats Classics Babies' Set 4063697341678

Minicats Classics Babies' Set 4063697346505

Minicats Essentials Raglan Babies' Jogger 4063697347038

Minicats Essentials Raglan Babies' Jogger 4062453411112

Paw Kids' Set 4063697345317
210,00 kr
300,00 kr

Paw Kids' Set 4063697347847
300,00 kr

Minicats Essentials Raglan Babies' Jogger 4062453397478