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Selena Gomez

Thanks to the SELENA GOMEZ collection by PUMA, you can wrap yourself in the famous singer's style from head to toe and show the world your own inner strength. The heart of the collection is the PUMA SELENA GOMEZ Runner, a streetwear-proof training shoe for women with a specific fit. Matching SG leggings and a SG training top with stand-up collar complete the outfit. Would you prefer more glamour? The SELENA GOMEZ collection training dress with tearaway detail and tight mesh sleeves presents you as confident and self-assured.

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Selena Gomez
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PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Cali Lthr Suede Women's Trainers 4062451970703

PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Cali Suede Quilt Women's Trainers 4062451970925

PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Oversized Women’s Tee 4062452040023

PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Women’s Track Pants 4062452045929

PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Long Sleeve Women’s Hockey Dress 4062452045011