In sports, you strive for your best performance. PUMA training pants and leggings for women offer you just that. High-tech fabrics help you and your body get the best performance out of your training. DryCell technology keeps your legs dry even during sweaty workouts. PUMA women's leggings feel like a second skin thanks to their perfect fit. In a retro design or futuristic graphic print – the pants can also be perfectly integrated into your everyday outfit.

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Trailblazer Highwaist Women's Stirrup Leggings 4060978259158
On the Brink 7/8 Women's Tights 4060978651747
Bold Graphic Women's Training Leggings 4060979104563
Own It Women's Leggings 4060978598561
250,00 kr 500,00 kr
PUMA x THE KOOPLES Knitted Women's Track Pants 4060978170606
Feel It Women's Training Leggings 4060979089662
Classics All-Over Printed Roll-Up Women's Pants 4060978629753
Soft Sports Women's Drapey Pants 4060978718907
Ignite 3/4 Graphic Women's Tights 4060978597892
XTG Women's Leggings 4060978265487
250,00 kr 500,00 kr
Elite Women's Running Leggings 4060978460981
Elite Women's Running Leggings 4060978460677
Trailblazer Woven Women's Pants 4060978283412
XTG 94 Women's Track Pants 4060978266163
Trailblazer Women's Leggings 4060978668271
270,00 kr 550,00 kr
Ferrari Women's Sweatpants 4060978368683
400,00 kr 800,00 kr
Ferrari Women's Sweatpants 4060978368768
400,00 kr 800,00 kr
PUMA x SUE TSAI Blossom Women's Leggings 4060979100206
PUMA x SUE TSAI Women's Leggings 4060979100374
Stand Out Women's Training Leggings 4060978696922
Trailblazer Women's Sweatpants 4060978282002
Yogini Logo 7/8 Women's Training Tights 4060978685117
Bold Graphic Women's Training Leggings 4060979104501
Own It Women's Leggings 4060978598400
250,00 kr 500,00 kr
Feel It Women's Training Leggings 4060979090019
Knockout Woven Women's 3/4 Pants 4060979110786
Athletics Women's Sweatpants 4060978756404
Fusion Women's Sweatpants 4060978738431
250,00 kr 500,00 kr
PUMA x BARBIE XTG Women’s Short Tights 4062449077780
Own It Full Women's Training Tights 4060978464736
Stand Out Women's Training Leggings 4060978696984
PUMA x BARBIE Women's Cycling Shorts 4062449077827
Classics T7 All-Over Printed Women's Track Pants 4060978298461
Golf Women's PWRSHAPE Pull On Pants 4059505120368
PUMA x SANKUANZ Knitted Women's Pants 4060978290755
Classics T7 Women's Cycling Shorts 4062449010954