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Stewie 2 Ruby Basketball Shoes Women 4065452992927 kr 1300.00
STEWIE x RUBY Pullover Basketball Hoodie Women 4065454676047 kr 1000.00
STEWIE x RUBY Basketball Leggings Women 4065454676153 kr 700.00
STEWIE x RUBY Basketball Shorts Women 4065454676214 kr 700.00
STEWIE x RUBY Basketball Tee Women 4065454676276 kr 500.00
STEWIE x RUBY Basketball Tee Women 4065454675972 kr 500.00

Introducing: PUMA Stewie. First and foremost, the Stewie 1 Four Time is the first women’s signature basketball shoe in more than 10 years, honouring Breanna Stewart’s record-breaking four consecutive (2013 – 2016) college championships. The collection is more than its signature Stewie shoes, however. Designed to honour the brand ambassador, each piece was created with versatility in mind. Stewart wanted to make sure everyone could wear the signature PUMA Stewie 1, and with that, pair an outfit that is comfortable to wear on the court. Every b-ball player needs a good pair of socks to match their kicks, and they can now complete the look with packable jackets, branded graphic tees, jerseys and shorts. Fill up your gym bag with brand new Stewie swag and go make your mark shooting hoops.