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Whether you’re just taking your first steps on the road or you’re trying to break your next marathon PB, your running gear can make or break any race or training session. What you wear should be in-sync with how you move. Follow this quick guide to find some RUN PUMA running footwear and apparel recommendations that will match your energy helping you go the distance and withstand the weather.


Every runner's wardrobe should have a couple of running essentials that you can rely on. When choosing the right jogging outfit, you have to think about some necessary items. The pieces you'll have on rotation will expand depending on some factors, for example, the time of the day you run and the weather conditions. The following list of running essentials should get you on the right track:

  • A running t-shirt: The perfect functional running shirt will help you absorb sweat or moisture during your run. Good material composition can also help you prevent chafing in sensitive zones.
  • Running socks: The importance of these cannot be stressed enough. Good running socks should be breathable and have some cushion that can help reduce friction with the shoe and prevent blisters.
  • A pair of running shorts and/or running tights: Your choice will depend on the weather and where you run. Good running shorts should be comfy, lightweight and help wick sweat away. Running tights are great for running in the cold and can also help reduce injuries.
  • For women, a good supportive sports bra: This item is key for female runners. A bra for running with great support will help reduce breast movement to avoid stretching your supporting ligaments irreversibly.

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