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X-Bionic Thermo Clothing

Humid temperature, cold weather, direct sunlight — no matter the weather, running means sweating. Sweating regulates the body’s temperature — but it takes valuable energy. Scientists say athletes consume up to 97% of their energy for cooling down their body temperature. PUMA by X-BIONIC® thermoregulation products improve the cooling effect of sweat, so you can save your energy for more enhanced performance. Focused technology cools when you sweat during activity, and warms when you’re cold during recovery, so your training is steady to the finish. How about a short sleeve running tee, some tights or a jacket to perfect your run?
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PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Sleeve Women's Running Tee 4062453936943

PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4062453937155

PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Men's Running Tights 4062453937254

PUMA by X-BIONIC Twyce Short Women's Running Tights 4062453937032

PUMA by X-BIONIC RainSphere Men's Running Jacket 4062453937216

PUMA by X-BIONIC RainSphere Women's Running Jacket 4062453937018