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ULTRA Flex Sleeve Football Shin Guards 4065452956233 kr 350.00
ULTRA Light Strap Football Shin Guards 4065452960407 kr 180.00
ULTRA Light Strap Football Shin Guards 4065449751650 kr 100.00
King Sleeve Football Shin Guards 4065452955168 kr 250.00
King Strap Football Shin Guards 4065452954918 kr 150.00
King Ankle Football Shin Guards 4065452959241 kr 200.00
King Strap Football Shin Guards 4063699956054 kr 70.00
70,00 kr
100,00 kr
A sturdy and reliable pair of shin guards is a must-have for all football players out there. They will not only protect you but will also provide you with more confidence to dive in. Our selection of PUMA football shin guards is comfortable to wear as it is effective. Our shin pads feature an anatomically pre-shaped silhouette made with flexible hardshell constructions. With EVA foam backing for shock absorption and impact resistance, our football shin pads also have adjustable straps to support a secure fit. Our football pads balance protection with a lightweight feel, letting you move with freedom. Our shin guards for soccer are easy to get on and off too. No matter if you're looking for small shin pads or for something more protective and sturdy, we have what you need to unleash your fast on the pitch. Play with cool confidence and pride with our PUMA shinpads. Shop now.