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Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes

130,00 €
(Prijs incl. 21% btw) / Modelnummer 193663_01

Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes, Puma White-Puma Black, small
Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes


PUMA Hoops' foundation is Clyde. 1970s' Walt "Clyde" Frazier himself was the first player to truly embody the idea of on-court and off-court swagger. The OG Clyde was the first footwear product that followed this mindset - performance on court, style off court - all in the same shoe. In our first iteration of our modern Clyde we wanted to show that a basketball shoe doesn't have to scream performance to be playable at a professional level.


  • ProFoam: PUMA's lichte, sterk terugverende tussenzool van EVA zorgt voor onmiddellijke verzachting en reactie op de afwikkeling van de voet


  • Performance basketball trainer
  • Bovenwerk van leer en textiel
  • EVA-tussenzool
  • Specialized traction outsole for multidirectional movement
  • Vetersluiting
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