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Wallets for Women

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PUMA Plus Wallet 4065452953768 14.00
14,00 €
PUMA Phase Wallet 4099683448717 12.00
12,00 €
PUMA Phase Printed Wallet 4099683450062 12.00
PUMA Phase Wallet 4099683457436 12.00
12,00 €
PUMA Phase Wallet 4099683447789 12.00
12,00 €
PUMA wallets for women have something in common: Design meets functionality. Securely store cash, various cards and licenses as well as other small personal belongings. Credit card holders and compartments for bills and small change keep the wallet organized. In the fast pace of daily life, these PUMA wallets for ladies prove their qualities and charm as an accessory with understated elegance. Durable materials such as polyurethanes are used to make sure you can enjoy your wallet for a long time.