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puma x
the godfather
Classics never die.
Cinematic masterpiece and cultural icon The Godfather teams up with PUMA in a collaboration that
transcends time. Together, they emerge as partners in crime to take on the Roma, a vintage kick with an
illustrious reputation. The PUMA x THE GODFATHER Roma combines embossed logos with film-inspired
elements and branding in premium leather and suede – sure to become the stuff of legend.

The Godfather


Roma The Godfather LOUIS Trainers 4062449418422
Ft 20.190,00 Ft 28.990,00
Roma The Godfather WOLTZ Trainers 4062449418668
Ft 20.190,00 Ft 28.990,00
PUMA THE GODFATHER Men's Tee 4062449405347
Ft 8.990,00 Ft 12.990,00
PUMA THE GODFATHER Men's Hoodie 4062449405514
Ft 15.990,00 Ft 22.990,00
PUMA THE GODFATHER Men's Hoodie 4062449405460
Ft 15.990,00 Ft 22.990,00