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Solarattack RCT Padel Shoes 4065454960290 Ft 55990.00
Solarcourt RCT Padel Shoes 4099683017623 Ft 22690.00
22.690,00 Ft
Originally: 31.990,00 Ft -29%
Solarsmash RCT Padel Shoes 4065452380588 Ft 31990.00
Solarsmash RCT Padel Shoes 4065452368203 Ft 27490.00
27.490,00 Ft
Originally: 31.990,00 Ft -14%
Solarcourt RCT Padel Shoes 4065453594991 Ft 29990.00
Solarattack RCT Padel Shoes 4065452439859 Ft 31790.00
31.790,00 Ft
Originally: 52.990,00 Ft -40%
Solarcourt RCT Padel Shoes 4065453595813 Ft 21290.00
21.290,00 Ft
Originally: 29.990,00 Ft -29%

To dominate on the court, you need the right gear. That’s where PUMA’s padel shoes come in. Engineered to keep up with the pace of the game, our paddle shoes have been carefully constructed with a sturdy grip to help you change direction quickly, and breathable materials that keep your feet cool through to the last shot. Don't worry about slipping on a pair of padel shoes; they are designed to be worn wet or dry, and have a mesh upper to help keep water out. They are lightweight, flexible and breathable, and come with PUMA’s latest technology, which is engineered to provide a snug fit with superior traction. These padel shoes are designed to offer the best balance of performance, comfort and style. They are ideal for those who want to enjoy their game to the fullest.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, and to be paired with matching padel apparel for the most flawless style, these shoes are just what you’ve been looking for! With PUMA's padel shoes on your feet, you’ll be chasing down the ball and returning a vicious forehand with ease.