Lama Jouni created her ready-to-wear label in 2013, and has since established herself as the biggest emerging Lebanese fashion designer in Paris. Her designs take a contemporary approach to femininity, refinement, and art, and her take on the PUMA Thunder is no exception. The aggressive silhouette appears in a muted, feminine palette, with a material mix of leather, nubuck, and suede.
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Thunder Rive Gauche Women's Trainers 4060979001947
20.890,00 Ft 41.990,00 Ft
Thunder Rive Gauche Women's Trainers 4060979001145
20.890,00 Ft 41.990,00 Ft
Rive Gauche Off-Shoulder Women's Top 4060978258540
7.390,00 Ft 14.990,00 Ft
Rive Gauche Full Zip Women's Track Jacket 4060978257680
Rive Gauche Women's Cargo Pants 4060978319593
11.890,00 Ft 23.990,00 Ft