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Looking for new outfit ideas or the latest fashion trends? Here is what's trending now in women's clothes, shoes and accessories by PUMA. This collection features trendy clothes for women like crop tops, bodysuits, hoodies, pants as well as sneakers and more for the confident fashionista looking for comfort, function and flare in her outfits. Dress and accessorize in PUMA products that come in a variety of different colours and materials designed to meet your individual fashion style. From sporty, sassy, savvy, retro or classic – ladies are loving these exclusive women´s styles by PUMA. Explore the newest sportswear trends, the latest trends in women´s street style and more now.
  • Black (35)
  • gray (12)
  • Blue (2)
  • tan (8)
  • Yellow (1)
  • Red (3)
  • Purple (2)
  • Pink (9)
  • White (20)
  • multi-colored (6)

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063697568778

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063697557123

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063698189026

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063698189163

Mirage Tech Trainers 4063698189408

Cropped Women's Hoodie 4064533420090

Cropped Women's Hoodie 4064533420137

High Neck Women's Jumpsuit 4064533414846

Women's Sweatpants 4064533420823
50,00 €

Padded Shoulder Women's Tee 4064533420588

Padded Shoulder Women's Tee 4064533420625

Shiny Half-Zip Women's Top 4064533414211

Shiny High Waist Women's Leggings 4064533414280

High Waist Women's Shorts 4064533420212

High Waist Women's Shorts 4064533420311

Women's Short Tights 4064533423152

Statement Oversized Women's Tee 4064533414778

Statement Oversized Women's Tee 4064533414679

UNTMD Low Impact Women's Training Bra 4063697369306

UNTMD Low Impact Women's Training Bra 4063697367661

UNTMD Women's Training Cropped Tank Top 4063697437449

UNTMD Women's Training Cropped Tank Top 4063697439566

UNTMD Printed 7/8 Women's Training Leggings 4063697370043

UNTMD Printed 7/8 Women's Training Leggings 4063697369993

RE.GEN Printed Women's Tee 4063697098374

RE.GEN Deconstructed Cap 4063698496162

RE.GEN Cropped Women's Jacket 4063697093263