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Back in the ‘80s, the original RS (short for “running system”) was PUMA’s innovative, high quality cushioning technology. Today, we’ve rebooted the RS design to create the RS-X – inspired by sport, but made for the street.
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RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451675752
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451705602
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451703059
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451708498
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062451689735
RS-X3 Puzzle Trainers 4062452147500
RS-X³ Level Up Trainers 4062452276040
RS-X³ Level Up Trainers 4062452275883
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RS-X Puzzle Youth Trainers 4062451508753
RS-X Bladerunner Trainers 4060979848696
RS-X Sci-Fi Women's Running Shoes 4060981845515
RS-X Sci-Fi Women's Running Shoes 4060981845362
RS-X Hard Drive Trainers 4060979858923 5.0 1 5 1
PUMA x JAHNKOY RS-X Sneakers 4062451912024
PUMA x TETRIS RS-X Trainers 4062451958527
PUMA x LES BENJAMINS RS-X Mid Trainers 4060981031215
PUMA x TYAKASHA RS-X Trainers 4060981047711
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RS-X Reinvent Women's Trainers 4060981849063
RS-X Reinvent Women's Trainers 4060981849148
RS-X Winterised Trainers 4060979851306
RS-X Winterised Trainers 4060979851221
RS-X Winterised Trainers 4060979851764
RS-X Softcase Trainers 4060979859845
RS-X Trainers 4060979842984
RS-X Trainers 4060979844971
RS-X Bold Trainers 4062449638486
RS-X Bold Trainers 4062449638363
RS-X Bold Trainers 4062449638691
RS-X Bold Trainers 4062449638998
RS-X Bold Trainers 4062449638905
RS-X Trainers 4060979844452
RS-X Trainers 4060979843639
RS-X Softcase Trainers 4060979858145
RS-X Softcase Trainers 4060979862326
RS-X Colour Theory Trainers 4060979846401
RS-X Proto Women's Trainers 4060981845201