LA-based ready-to-wear label Rhude brings a dualistic approach to menswear, employing minimalist aesthetics while
simultaneously re-contextualizing the streetwear genre. For his first collaboration with PUMA, Rhude Creative Director,
Rhuigi Villaseñor, embraces the brand DNA – employing classic suiting techniques, unexpected patterns, and pops of
color into unisex separates and footwear. PUMA’s logos are celebrated through Rhude’s unique take on iconography.



Palace Guard RHUDE Trainers 4060981028277
PUMA x RHUDE Alteration Trainers 4060981030782
PUMA x RHUDE Basket '68 OG Basketball Shoes 4060981188728
PUMA x Rhude CELL Alien Trainers 4060981109877
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Tee 4060981562702
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Tee 4060981562764
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Hoodie 4060981564041
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Hoodie 4060981564331
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Hoodie 4060981563983
PUMA x RHUDE All-Over Printed Men's Coat 4060981563716
PUMA x RHUDE Men's Coat 4060981563761
PUMA x RHUDE XTG Men's Track Jacket 4060981563013
PUMA x RHUDE XTG Men's Track Jacket 4060981562566
PUMA x RHUDE All-Over Print Knitted Men's Track Pants 4060981563679
PUMA x RHUDE Knitted Men's Track Pants 4060981563259
PUMA x RHUDE Waist Bag 4062449022285
PUMA x RHUDE Cap 4062449517644