PUMA x BALMAIN DEVA Women's Trainers

450,00 €
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PUMA x BALMAIN DEVA Women's Trainers, Puma Black, small
PUMA x BALMAIN DEVA Women's Trainers


In a collection that’s the first of its kind, three forces come together: the irrepressible spirit of Cara Delevingne, the luxurious sensibilities of Balmain and the performance heritage of PUMA. This new collection stands at the intersection of sport and fashion, with pieces inspired by traditional boxing gear and infused with haute couture.
Balmain's signature blend of a bold, sturdy silhouette and glamorous gold detailing strikes again in these chunky off-beat trainers, featuring leather straps and branded metallic buttons at the closure and high tops with gleaming gold across the back.


  • High boot
  • Leather and nubuck upper
  • Black nubuck tongue with embossed PUMA x BALMAIN logo
  • Branded gold buttons replace eyestays
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