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Fashionistas, this one's for you. PUMA is back with another collection in collaboration with the creator of R H U D E. Rhuigi Villasenor is a Los Angeles-based designer who believes in quality and comfort, and always being true to your own personality. For the pleasure of fans and in-house designers alike, the PUMA x Rhuigi collection is back and all about taking all-time classics from the German brand's archive, and going the extra mile in design and creativity. Lovers of R H U D E, the street-style brand that is pushing boundaries, now have more options when looking for footwear with the PUMA x Rhuigi suede, your new go-to kicks that can be paired with a Rhuigi jacket. Going for a casual look? Try a Rhuigi shirt and discover new ways to express yourself with the PUMA x Rhuigi collection, the product of a creative partnership making its mark in the world of fashion and streetstyle.