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There's nothing worse than having wet, cold feet during your run. It can make or break your race. If you enjoy running in muddy trails or do the occasional run in the rain, a pair of waterproof running shoes is exactly what you need to keep adding up kilometers to your training. Our water-resistant running shoes have sturdy soles with additional grip to help you keep running no matter the surface conditions. On top of that, our waterproof running shoes are made of water-resistant materials that will keep water and snow away. Reflective details on the shoe will help keep you visible under low light conditions. Whether you're breaking your next PB running through muddy trails or wet roads, match your energy with the perfect waterproof running shoe for you. Discover our selection now.
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Aviator WTR Running Shoes 4063699653915 54.95
54,95 €
79,95 €
Velocity Nitro WTR Women's Running Shoes 4063699651430 129.95
Deviate Nitro WTR Men's Running Shoes 4063699654677 169.95
Voyage Nitro Gore-Tex Women's Running Shoes 4063699712599 149.95
Deviate Nitro WTR Women's Running Shoes 4063699672527 169.95
Velocity Nitro WTR Men's Running Shoes 4063699651355 129.95
Electrify Nitro WTR Women's Running Shoes 4063699684988 109.95