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The Black Fives Collection

Black Fives

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PUMA x BLACK FIVES Basketball Sweatpants Men 4065452051181 1040.00
1.040,00 Kč
RRP 1.899,00 Kč
PUMA x BLACK FIVES Basketball Hoodie Men 4065452051105 1149.00
1.149,00 Kč
RRP 2.299,00 Kč
PUMA x BLACK FIVES Basketball Bomber Jacket Men 4065452051082 3199.00
3.199,00 Kč
RRP 6.399,00 Kč
PUMA has teamed up with the Black Fives Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to research, preserve, showcase, teach and honor the pre-NBA history of African Americans in basketball. This period, known as the Black Fives Era, was from the early 1900’s to 1950 when the NBA signed its first Black players. We’re amplifying this important history through difference-making initiatives and a retro-inspired collection of footwear and apparel, featuring authentic logos, natural dyes, and confident colors, as well as period graphics and logos maintained by the Foundation, including its trademarked slogan, “Make History Now.”