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Cali featuring Selena Gomez
Worn by Selena.



Shop the Cali collection - a new 21st Century iteration of PUMA's popular California line, with inspiration by Selena Gomez. This lifestyle collection combines street style chic and class (with a little bit of sass) - an updated look for an overall laid-back, breezy style. Panels of suede, leather and synthetic on the shoe's upper, and rubber in the outsole - to prevent slips and slides - are throwbacks to the shoe’s vintage beginnings. You will love this beautiful PUMA Cali collection as the perfect, gorgeous fit whether on the court or after court chillaxing over a fresh, breezy beverage.
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Cali Chase Women's Training Shoes 4060981077596
Cali Remix Women's Trainers 4060981790914
Cali Remix Women's Trainers 4060981791799
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Trainers 4060978972392
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Trainers 4060978972217
Cali Women's Trainers 4060979912601
Cali Women's Trainers 4060981930082
Cali Women's Trainers 4060978972262
Cali Women's Trainers 4060978972279
Cali Women's Trainers 4060978972156
PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD Cali Women's Training Shoes 4060981094357
PUMA x MAYBELLINE Cali Women's Trainers 4062451956677
Cali Emboss Women's Trainers 4060979907430
Cali Taped Women's Trainers 4060981783848
PUMA x TYAKASHA Cali Women's Trainers 4060981036883
Cali Emboss Women's Trainers 4060979888234
Cali Taped Women's Trainers 4060981783183
Cali Taped Women's Trainers 4060981784302
Cali Emboss Women's Trainers 4060979909878
Cali-0 Shadow Trainers 4060981118985
Cali Bold Women's Trainers 4060981782643
Cali Bold Women's Trainers 4060981782384
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Exotic Women's Trainers 4060978494863
1.809,00 Kč 2.599,00 Kč
Cali Patent Kids' Trainers 4060981799320
Cali Patent Youth Trainers 4060981798927
PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Cali Women's Trainers 4062449051308
PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Cali Kids' Trainers 4062449327984
1.249,00 Kč 1.799,00 Kč
Cali Patent Youth Trainers 4060981798767
PUMA x SELENA GOMEZ Cali Women's Trainers 4062449051162
PUMA x Selena Gomez Kids' Cali Patent Trainers 4062449328134
Cali Bold Women's Trainers 4060981782605
Cali Exotic Women's Trainers 4060978495013
1.809,00 Kč 2.599,00 Kč
Cali Youth Trainers 4060981806554
Cali Girls' Trainers 4060981776895
Cali Exotic Women's Trainers 4060978494597
1.809,00 Kč 2.599,00 Kč
Cali Patent Kids' Trainers 4060981799573