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Clyde Hardwood

Off-court drip and on-court dominance are one in the same with Clyde Hardwood. With vintage looks inspired by the original baller, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and PUMA Hoops tech, like ProFoam for insane energy return, forefoot webbing for unmatched stabilization, and a clean, vintage-inspired design, these kicks are just as comfortable in game as they are for the post-game presser. Whether you’re stylin’, profilin’ or high flyin’, Don’t Flinch.
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Clyde Hardwood
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Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863522

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863270

Clyde Hardwood Team Men's Basketball Shoes 4063696863256

Clyde Hardwood Team Youth Basketball Shoes 4063696864185

Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes 4062452205927
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Clyde Hardwood Metallic Basketball Shoes 4062452614941
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