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What good is a perfect outfit without matching accessories? PUMA accessories for men make classy belts with the PUMA cat and metal buckles your outfit's eye-catcher. The fan scarf lets you proudly carry your team with you. Smart accessories like sock stoppers and sweatbands will help you with your training. Replacement studs let you keep your football boots intact, while gym gloves protect your hands and give you more grip. Winter gloves, scarves and hats keep you warm in any weather.

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Essential Training Grip Gloves 4062449828801
PUMA x ADRIANA LIMA Women's Training Gloves 4062451886417
PUMA x ADRIANA LIMA Women's Training Gloves 4062451886424
PUMA Knitted Gloves 4059506121135
Essential Premium Grip Cut Fingered Training Gloves 4060981736325
Essential Training Fingered Gloves 4060981727583
Essential Training Grip Gloves 4059506131097
AT Women's Training Fingered Gloves 4060981736301
BVB Football Culture Scarf 4062449267488
PUMA Knitted Scarf 4059506121487
Ferrari Fanwear Scarf 4060981989219
Olympique de Marseille Fan Scarf 4060981725596
Man City DNA Fan Scarf 4060981894032
AC Milan Fan Scarf 4060981876380
Man City 125th Anniversary Fan Scarf 4062449645798
Valencia CF Fan Scarf 4062449068627
Acid Bleach Scarf 4060981725572
Retro White Scarf 4060981687061
Football Psychedelic Scarf 4060981734406
Borussia Mönchengladbach Neck Warmer 4059507392428
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Fleece Rever Neck Warmer 4059507444837
PUMA Training Performance Bottle 4060981731573
Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4060978182159 5.0 1 5 1
PUMA Training Performance Bottle 4060981731566
AT Shift Headband 4060981732099
€ 10,50 € 15,00
AC Milan Water Bottle 4059507916785
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Rain and Stain Repellent 4056205345145
Nubuck and Suede Kit 4056205345091
Essential Training Wristbands 4060978178992
Suede Cleaner 4056205345077
€ 9,00
Athletic Cleaner 4056205345084
Shoe and Sandal Refresher 4056205345107
Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4062449829235 5.0 1 5 1
Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4062449829266 5.0 1 5 1