PUMA accessories for girls are functional and still an eye-catcher. The TINYCOTTONS children's backpacks in a modern design are practical companions for kindergarten and recreation and come with numerous storage compartments for toys, lunch and drinks. Caps in classic or bright colours for small and large children protect them from the sun and, thanks to the sweet puma or the cool monsters, the hats for children make a statement even in plain colours. A great break in style combined with a favourite dress.

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Sesame Street Kids' Backpack 4060979318199
€ 15,00 € 30,00
Essentials Cap 4056204301074
€ 9,00 € 13,00
Quarter Socks 3 Pack Kids 8713537623537
€ 4,50 € 7,00
Monster Kids' Baseball Cap 4060978180742
€ 10,50 € 15,00
Sesame Street Kids' Flat Brim Cap 4062449110104
Sesame Street Kids' Gym Sack 4062449131437
Sesame Street Kids' Flat Brim Cap 4062449110081
Sesame Street Kids' Gym Sack 4062449131451
Sesame Street Sport Kids' Backpack 4062449122060
Sesame Street Sport Kids' Backpack 4062449122053
Essentials Logo Kids' Beanie 4060981733904
Essentials Logo Kids' Beanie 4060981733898
Essentials Logo Kids' Beanie 4060981733928
Essentials Logo Kids' Beanie 4060981733881
Sesame Street Kids' Beanie 4062449110258
Sesame Street Kids' Beanie 4062449188172
Monster Kids' Baseball Cap 4060981736400
Monster Kids' Baseball Cap 4060981736387