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Mens PUMA Suedes

If there is one material PUMA is known for, it is the Suede. This material has been a core part of our identity for quite some time, and continues to find its way into many of our product designs. The most iconic product associated with this material is the shoe, named simply “The Suede”. While we have many takes and variations, they all follow the same design principals and give you the classic PUMA look.

The Suede Classic is the original, featuring color-matched shoe interiors and tongue tags. The Suede Classic+ features the traditional line-front sole with a fully Suede upper construction, as well as a bright white shoe interior. The Suede Classic Mono bring a bold color across the entirety of the shoe. The Classic Coloured takes a single-color suede upper and matches it with a translucent outsole. The Suede S takes a more sport approach with a streamlined sole and a flat formstrip. And more styles and variations are always being developed so you can get the Suede that matches any occasion.